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Data Literacy @ Uni Jena

Welcome to the website of the Data Literacy project at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena. Here you can find a wide variety of information about data and data competencies as well as services and events for students, lecturers and all others who are interested.

Data as "Oil of the 21st Century"

Due to the ongoing digitisation and datafication, data in all its variety changes our society and play an important role in our everyday life, sometimes without us realising it.

Thus, competencies regarding the handling of data as well as their conscious use and critical reflection (Data Literacy) represent essential qualifications. That is not limited to university studies, research or certain experts groups. Data Literacy is regarded as a part of the so-called "future skills", a collection of skills that will become increasingly important regarding workplaces but also regarding the social participation.

More information regarding data and data literacy can be found on our information page.

Data Literacy Project

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The aim of the project is to develop concept to help students to improve their data literacy.

The developed offers will be adjusted to different levels of expertise, in order to take the requirements of all study programmes into consideration. This includes basic knowledge and skills for students at an early point of their studies but also discipline-specific methods for advanced students.

Thus, we organise different courses and events for students, from short workshops regarding specific topic to our interdisciplinary certificate programme DaLiJe (Data Literacy Jena).

In addition, we work together with interested lecturers from different disciplines to implement Data Literacy competencies in existing courses or in the development of new courses.

An important focus is the connection of stakeholders. Therefore we are organising central events like the Data Literacy lecture series that is open for students and lecturers from all disciplines as well as other interested personens and offers  an opportunity for interdisciplinary exchange.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions regarding the Data Literacy project, please the Data Literacy team!

Information and Services

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Level up your data competencies.
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Information and services for lecturers
Motto der Ringvorlesung Data talks
Interdisciplinary lecture series on different perspectives on the work with data


· Light · Life · Liberty
In the coming winter semester, the Competence Center Digital Research (zedif) organizes introductory workshops for different digital tools.
· Life
From 10 - 14 Oktober a workshop regarding the basics of 3D modelling will take place.
· Light · Life · Liberty
Online Veranstaltung zum FDM vom 20. bis 24.Juni 2022.

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