Computer mit digitalem 3D-Modell

Workshop on 3D-modelling for beginners

From 10 - 14 Oktober a workshop regarding the basics of 3D modelling will take place.
Computer mit digitalem 3D-Modell
Image: ZMorph All-in-One 3D Printers on Unsplash
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Digital 3D models become increasingly important in many areas. In science 3D models might be used to e.g. digitize historical buildings or objects, visualize and investigate geological or physical phenomena or for diagnostics in medicine. The use of 3D models is not only restricted to science but also plays a role in industry or private life (e.g. 3D printing).

The workshop "Grundlagen der 3D-Modellierung: Workshop für Einsteiger de" gives interested students, researchers and lecturers the opportunity to get an introduction to the theoretical background and basics methods of 3D modelling. No specific knowledge is required.

This workshop is organized by the Data Literacy project at the University Jena in collaboration with the Lichtwerkstatt Jena and Prof. Sander Münster de.

The course will be held in German.

Further information can be found on the event website.

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