Project "DDM-4-LabCourses" started

Project on the implementation of digital data management in microbiological practical courses started.


Laborarbeit mit Tablet Laborarbeit mit Tablet Image: Torsten Schubert

Although the documentatian and the management of research data are important parts of research in life sciences, they can usually not be profoundly introduced to students during practical courses of the study programmes. Main challenges are the heterogeneity of the experience level of participants and the limited time during the in-person sessions in the lab.

With their project "DDM-4-LabCourses" Torsten Schubert (head of the Research Group Anaerobic Microbiology) and Volker Schwartze (coordinator of the project DaLiJe)  want to introduce digital data management to students of the study programme B.Sc. Biology in the context of the practical course "Mikrobenphysiologie" (physiology of microbes).

With an online course on the basics of research data management and the use of an electronic lab notebook for the documentation of experiments in the lab course, the students get introduced to modern methods of data management. After the testing phase in the summer semester 2021, the course will be further adjustes and become a permanent part of the practical course.

The DaLiJe team supports lecturers from all disciplines in the implementation of data-literacy-related topics into courses. If you are interested in a collaboration, please contact us: